Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Months of Milestones

Let's hope I can remember how to do this blogging thing.  Grad school and work has definitely taken a hold of me leaving me little time to blog.  This is my attempt at capturing the major milestones we have had.
September 15th 7 months old


September 18th Buster crawled for the first time.  It is definitely an army crawl, but a quick one.  Glen took a video on his phone b/c it happened in the cry room at church.  Of course I missed it.  Unfortunately with our incredibly high tech phones (Ha!) we are unable to put it on the computer.  This clip was taken a few days later.

On the last day of September Buster's first tooth broke through and the second was quick to follow.

Buster was so lucky to have a visit from his Grandma and Grandpa Russell and his Uncle John and Uncle Jake.  He had so much fun playing with everyone.

Both uncles took a shot at feeding their nephew.  They both did a fantastic job!

Hanging out in his man robe after bath time.

Getting in a little snuggle time before going to bed!

A Trip to the Pumpkin Patch
I was adamant about having Buster's picture taken at a pumpkin patch.  Glen was such a good sport and took us all the way to Dewberry Farms.  It was the Disneyworld of pumpkin patches.  I definitely got my fill and more.  Let's just say I don't see a need to return for a few years.  Happy to have the experience,and it was fun to go with good friends. 
 There will be more pumpkin pictures to follow....

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Has it been 4 weeks already?

So I am already failing at keeping up with my blog, but I guess some posts are better than none.  I'll try to make this as brief as possible.

We started full day daycare "school" and full day work on my birthday.  Pretty lame way to celebrate a birthday.  Some of our friends with a baby just two months older than Buster invited us over for dinner that night so at least I had that to look forward to.  When I got home from work I had several presents waiting for me.  My parents got me a family pass for the zoo, Glen got me a Kindle, and my in laws got me a gift card to one of my favorite food places in Pearland, Pei Wei.  Thanks to all of them, may day was quickly getting better.  When we got to our friends house, I started to feel a little funny.  You all know how shy I am so I quietly keep my current condition to myself.  Yeah right, I started complaining immediately :)  They cooked a fabulous dinner that I couldn't even touch when they put it in front of me.  About twenty minutes later, I was hanging out in the bathroom sick as can be...embarrassing, right?  I was throwing up every 30 minutes to an hour for until about 3:00 a.m. that morning.  It ended up being a 24 hour bug that I passed on to many of my friends.  In the end, we all survived. :) Normally I would say that this was the worst birthday of my life.  However, this was my first birthday to be a mom so I wouldn't dare say that.  Plus, it was Buster's 1/2 Birthday!

I have mentioned Buster's bouncing before so I thought I should include a little clip.

Two days after my birthday, my big boy decided he could sit up.  It seems like it just happened overnight.  I had mentioned to Glen that I was worried that school wasn't going to practice sitting up with him since they have numerous babies to watch and the next thing I knew he was doing it.

So big!  Thanks Jack for my big red ball.  I love to stick my feet in it when I'm having tummy time.
Buster's school was closed on the 19th, so he got to come to school with mommy for a little while.

Daddy's first day at work with the students back.  If you look really closely at my hair, you will notice my mohawk.  As much as my dad would like to take credit for it, my hair does some pretty crazy things on its own.
First week of school for Buster down.  Let me countdown until summer begin.  I really only half way mean that.  Every day it is terribly hard to be away from him, but I do like being back to work.  It is great to see coworkers and of course all of the kids.  Also, Buster makes it a lot easier on me.  He LOVES his school teachers and likes being surrounded by little people just like him.  When I come to pick him up he flashes me a huge happy to see my momma smile, and then goes back to playing.  I think he would like for me to just sit there with him so he could have the best of both worlds. 

Despite protests from his Daddy, I dresses Buster up like a true southern boy for church.  No, Daddy Glen, this is not a moo moo for baby boys!

How many pictures are you going to take Mom?

If I wave for you, will you stop?

During the third week of school, I go to pick Buster up and was greeted by his teacher saying, "Glen had a little accident today."  I was actually quite proud of how calmly I responded.  In my head I was obviously thinking....what?  I left my baby with you and he had an accident.....MY precious baby?!  He was have tummy time and bonked his precious noggin on the edge of a toy.  It turned out not being that bad at all.
I am sure this will be the first bruise of many for this baby boy.  He is SO busy and as soon as he can crawl I am afraid he will be into EVERYTHING!


Last weekend, we started our weekend out by spending Saturday morning at the zoo with Greysen, Graham, and their mommy and daddy.  Unfortunately our daddy had to go to football.  Buster rode the carousel.  He seemed to really like it, but spit up promptly after finishing his ride.   We saw the chimps, giraffes, elephants, prairie dogs, meerkats, and reptiles.  The chimps were a little irritable and as soon as they were let into their area, they charged the viewing glass and repeatedly hit the glass where we were standing.  It didn't seem to scare Buster but definitely startled his momma.

After the zoo, we went home and took our much needed nap together.  When daddy got home from football we went to the Mays' house for some more fun.

Who  knew a potty could double as a chair?
We finished out the night we some bath time fun!
Bath time is much easier now that Buster can sit in the tub.  Greysen was such a big helper with Buster and told his mommy, "Baby Glen sit up all by himself."  Sweet boy!

This past week we had a sick boy on Labor Day and daddy had to spend the next day at home with him.  Luckily his fever broke and he was back to his happy self quickly.  I guess I caught whatever he had and was pretty much out of commission for the weekend.  The worst part of it all was that Nana was in town and I didn't get to enjoy her as much as I usually do.  However, I appreciate it her as much as always b/c she was able to help so much with Buster.  He loved getting out of school early on Friday and spending some time just him and his Nana. 

Since I am back in the swing of grad school, my posts might be few and far between, but I will try to make sure that I update as regularly as possible.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

When it hits, it hits hard

Let me preface this post by saying that I am not writing to get anyone's sympathy.  I am using this as an outlet so I don't burn out my husband :) 

All week I have been wondering if there was something wrong with me.  So many of my friends told me about the hardships they faced when they took their baby to daycare.  I haven't minded at all.  In fact, I have quite enjoyed having a few hours in the morning to get things done, leisurely strolling in around one to pick him up.  Which happens to be just in time to scoot him home to crawl in bed with me and take a nap.  Yes, in bed with me.  Buster will nap on his own but napping with him is my guilty pleasure.  Sometimes, I don't even nap.  I catch myself just lying there with him in my arms and watching him sleep.

Well, on the way home from church today it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I don't get to pick my angel up at 1:00 and I don't get to take my daily nap with him.  I will miss hearing the squeak of his bouncer as he bounces so hard it seems like the entire mechanism might collapse to pieces.  I won't get to see his sweet smile or his precious little dimple all day.  I will have to wait until the witching hour to see him. I will have roughly two hours a day to spend with him before his bed time, and then I will be limited to Saturdays and part of the day on Sunday.

If I'm going to gripe the least I can do is throw in a sweet picture.
All of this to say......I don't think I'm ready for this!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Funny blogging experiences

So here's where a give a shout out to one of my best friends from college, Rachel Rogers.  So I was inspired by Rach to start a blog because I love catching up with what her little boy, Dylan is up to.  Unfortunately for Rach, this meant that once I got started she would start receiving mass facebook messages and phone calls from me for help.  She has been a great sport and given me great tips and help.  I think she is just happy that she will actually get to keep up with me now.

So....last night, Rach was going over some blogging things with me and she decided to follow my blog but warned me that I must stay faithful and continue posting.  I was SO excited that I was going to have my first and possibly only follower :)  Later, I logged on to see my new follower and noticed that I actually had two. I clicked on my mystery follower (they hadn't posted a profile picture) only to realize my second follower was myself.  How embarrassing.  How does one manage to become a follower of their own blog?!  Only me.  I promise I am not that desperate.

Funny #2

Glen ran out to grab a bottle of wine for a friend of ours and left me with a bouncing Buster.  He has been kind of grumpy today so we stuck him in his bouncer so he could do his absolute new favorite thing, bounce.  I was typing away on my school post and not really paying that close of attention to the sweet boy.  I noticed that it suddenly got really quiet and I turned around to see......

I guess he finds my blogging to be rather boring.

First day of school......

So, instead of Buster going to school (I don't like to call it daycare) for the first time on the day Glen and I both go back to work, we decided to start him early.  I wanted him to get used to it in small doses.  Or maybe it was just me who was going to need time to adjust.

 Buster all dressed up and ready for his first day of school.

He did great.  I picked him up by 11:30 so he was there all of four and half hours but he had a good time.  He hasn't adjusted to napping in a busy environment, but i know that will come with time.  He seems to be really happy every day when I come to pick him up and he loves his teacher Ms. Mott.  He gives me a quick glance whenever I get there and then goes back to staring at Ms. Mott.  Normally I would think this would make me super jealous, but it makes my heart happy to know that the he is loving where he is when I can't be with him.  I officially go back to work this Monday which also happens to be my birthday.  I think that must be the worst birthday present I have ever gotten. Boo! 

Friday morning before school.

Here are a couple random shots after bath time this week.  Buster loves his bath.  He is over the baby tub and likes to lie on his back in the big boy tub.  He kicks his feet the entire time and laughs and laughs.  I love this boy!
Thanks for my monkey towel Aunt Suzie.
I love my froggy towel Ms. Ashlea!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Beginning

I have had every good intention to start one of things to give family and friends who are far away a link into our lives.  Unfortunately, since our precious baby boy joined us my time has been dominated by grad school and motherhood.  I am going to attempt to give you a quick glimpse of the past six months and try to commit to keeping up with this from here on out.

 38 weeks pregnant

For those of you haven't heard the story.  Glen won a Valentine's dinner to our favorite Houston restaurant The Capital Grille by competing in sports radio trivia contest the Friday before Valentine's Day.  That weekend I was experiencing what was probably early labor pains which I chose to ignore.  I begged and begged sweet Baby Glen to let mommy and daddy have one more date night and......he did.  Already such a good listener.
The next day at school I went into labor at before the end of the school day at 2:33......
Glen Curtis Russell V arrived.
The big debate throughout pregnancy was what we would call our little bundle of love.  Glen's Grandpa Russell goes by Glen, his dad Curt,and obviously there's my Glen.  Glen did not want Curtis so I called him Baby Glen and still do sometimes.  Those of you who personally know my mom will appreciate this.  My mom, now known as Nana, being the helpful mother that she is was constantly brainstorming nicknames for us.  The one that Nana and Pop settled on was Buzz which she came across in Sunday school one week.  Biblical or not, I could not have my baby called Buzz.  So, Glen decided if the catcher of his favorite baseball team could have the nickname Buster, then so could our new addition.  Everyone seemed to like it and he is now affectionately known as Buster.

Baby Glen's visitors the day he was born:
 Christel and Tom Tom
 The Jenkins
 Nurse Fran
B (who was sweet enough to go and grab some things at my house since I had not packed a hospital bag....ooops!  Thanks B!)

Here are a few photos from our newborn shoot with our awesome photographer Nicole Boniface!

Grandpa Russell came for a visit when Buster was three weeks old.  Buster loved his daily walks in his stroller from Grandma and Grandpa Russell.  Mommy loved having her own personal chef for a week.

Not sure how Granny Becky snuck into town without us getting a single picture of her holding the baby?! Granny Becky spent her Spring Break visiting Buster and another week a few weeks later to take care of him for a week when I went back to work.  Life saver!

 Visiting one of my dear family friends, Mr. Martin.  He lives a few doors down from my parent's old house in Houston.  He didn't have any children of his own so he has adopted us in and we adore him!

Chunky Boy!

At two months, Buster is already supporting his mommy and her job.  He went all the way to the state capitol and participated in a rally.  Texans love libraries!

Our first Easter.


During his second month, Buster started giving us some little smiles.  It was during his third month that he really started showing off his dimple.  However, he was not wanting to smile for Nicole during his three month photo shoot.

At the end of the school year, Buster had special visitors.  His Great Grandma and Grandpa Russell came from Chico, CA to meet him.  We had a great time with them but somehow managed to miss taking pictures of that as well.


Close to the beginning of Buster's fourth month, I had to go up to school and finish up inventory in the library for a few days.  One of the days I get a phone call from Glen saying, "You're never going to believe what happened?!"  Buster rolled over, one saw him do it.  Glen had laid him on his play mat and went to grab something in the kitchen.  When he returned, Buster was  no longer on his back but had chosen to have tummy time instead!

Four months also brought the adventure of starting cereal.  Yummy!  He hated rice cereal but started getting the hang of things once we switched him to oatmeal.

During his fourth month, we also took our first plane flight to Alabama.  Once we arrived in Alabama, we drove to see Nana and Pop Pop in Georgia.  We had a great time visiting with family.  Of course, I forgot my camera on this trip.  What kind of mom am I?! After visiting in GA, we went back to Alabama for my ten year high school reunion.  I got to see one of my very best friends, Mera and her precious baby Liam born just three weeks after Buster.

Baby Glen and Liam's play date.  Baby Glen had recently discovered his feet and wanted to check Liam's out too.

sweet pic taken by our friend Susan Sternberg

To end Buster's fourth month, Uncle Greg came to visit him all the way from China.  Buster's new favorite thing is to jump in his bouncer and of course having Uncle Greg sit with him makes it even better.


It has been another busy month.  We drove across the country this month to go to Glen's brother Graham's wedding in San Marcos, CA.  We drove over 20 hours straight so that Buster would sleep through most of the driving.  I guess I should say Glen drove over 20 hours straight and I entertained the baby in the back.  The wedding was great and we even got in a trip to the San Diego Zoo.  So sad that summer is almost over!

Buster and Uncle Gabe at the zoo.

We had such a fun family trip to the zoo.  Buster got a close up view of the peacock.  About half way through he was too tired to take any more in.

Uncle Graham and Aunt Lauren's rehearsal dinner

Buster in his Aloha shirt from Great Grandma and Grandpa Russell. Sent with love from Hawaii.

Uncle Graham and Aunt Lauren

Buster and Grandpa with their Aloha shirts.  Grandma Russell smiling in the background.

Great Grandma Safarik meeting Buster for the first time.

Hanging out with Auntie Diane at the rehearsal dinner.

 Loving with Granny at Uncle Graham's reception.  It was a late night for Buster but he had a blast!